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Includes All These Features:

  • Text-to-speech is used to announce blind changes and other alerts. For example: "Attention players. The blinds are now 25 and 50."
  • Easy to use: Just enter the number of players and starting chips and it will create a high quality custom blinds schedule that is ready to use.
  • The auto-blinds feature uses the chip info to create a better blinds structure, and gives a surprisingly accurate estimate on how long the tournament will last. It can also create antes along with the blinds.
  • Fully customizable blinds schedule: Add as many levels as you want. Edit the small blind, big blind, ante and duration of any level to any values you desire.
  • Fully customizable breaks: Easily schedule breaks with default durations, or add a break of any duration after any level. You can even set a custom message for each break (e.g. "Chip up 5's").
  • Fully customizable tournament timer: Have it automatically pause after any level or break, or just have it run without pausing to completion. And, it will keep your device from sleeping while your tournament is running.
  • Includes a Play Timer that can be easily adjusted from five to sixty seconds.
  • Supports AirPlay Mirroring for video and audio out, so using an Apple TV you can AirPlay your tournament to a projector, or a big screen TV!
  • Looks great! It supports landscape and portrait on iPads, iPhones and iPod touches, and maximizes the important tournament information (timer and blinds) so you can see it from across the room.

Also Includes In-app Purchases for:

Timer Customization

Change the background color, font colors, and fonts. Add, delete, edit, and rearrange all the information on the Timer screen.

More Info on Timer Customization

Remote Control

Share a tournament from one device to another. Control and edit the tournament on either device, and the changes are reflected on both.

More Info on Remote Control

Player and Table Management

Enter players by name and keep track of buy-ins, add-ons, and re-buys. Randomly seat players at tables. Keep track of when each player was eliminated, and by whom. Be informed when tables are out of balance and when they can be consolidated.

Customize alerts using your own audio clips, and edit the spoken text, even choose the language for the voice.

Also, includes a Payout calculator!

More Info on Player and Table Management