How to Customize the Background Image

  1. Tap the Customization button (paintbrush) in the bottom left of the timer screen.

2. Choose whether you want to customize the background image for just the current break or blind level, all levels of that type, or all blind and break levels.

3. To customize the background image, tap "Background Image".

4. You can turn off the background image, choose from some provided full screen background images, some tiled backgrounds, or import your own background images. For this example, tap "Imported Backgrounds".

5. To import an image from Photos tap the camera in the top right.

6. The first time you do this you'll need to allow the Poker Timer app to access Photos. The app does not access your photos without your permission, and does not use its access in any way other than importing images you choose to use as backgrounds.

7. After you choose an image from Photos it will be imported into the Poker Timer app and show up in this list. To select a photo from this list to use as the background, just tap it.

8. After you tap the image, it will be used as the background image in the levels you selected previously: