Remote Control

With Remote Control you can share a tournament from one device to another, and then edit the tournament on either device, and the changes are reflected on both.

If you're getting an error message when trying to share a tournament or connect to a shared tournament, check out this help page:

Sharing Help

How to Share a Tournament:

1. Tap the Remote Control button.

2. Tap "Share This Tournament".

3. Enter a Share ID and Password for the share.

The Share ID and Password can be as simple or complex as you want, you can even use emoji symbols.

However, anyone who knows or can guess your Share ID and Password can connect to and edit your tournament, so make the password hard to guess.

4. To start sharing, tap the "Start Sharing" button.

If the share is created successfully, you'll see this:

How to Connect to a Shared Tournament:

1. Tap the Remote Control button.

2. Tap Connect to a Shared Tournament.

3. Enter the Share ID and Password, then tap Connect.

If you are successfully connected to the share, you'll see this:

As long as the connection is active, any changes made on either device will be reflected on both devices within a few seconds.

Remote Control Connection Status

Not Connected

Active Connection

Paused Connection

Connection Error