Quick Start

Setup and start your tournament in 10 quick taps:

1. Tap Chips.

2. Tap the Chips wand.

3. Tap the chip denominations that most closely match the chips you are using.

4. Tap the menu button. (Note, if you want to change a chip's color, tap it, and then tap the color button.)

5. Tap Blinds.

6. Tap the Blinds wand.

If necessary, edit the Expected Players, Starting Stack, and other options.

7. Scroll down to see the blinds schedule that will be created with the options you've chosen, and when you're done, tap the Save button.

8. Tap the menu button.

9. Tap Timer.

10. Tap the play button to start your tournament!

To hide the controls, for a cleaner Timer screen, tap the Controls On/Off button.

Your tournament will run until the last blind level is finished.

It supports portrait or landscape, so if you want to Air Play the timer to your Apple TV, it will look and sound great on the big screen!

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