Adding a New Line, Example 2

Here's another example of adding a new line to the timer screen. This time we're going to add a line that shows payout info.

Like with the previous example, you are first going to need to get into line editing mode. For info on how to do that see: Getting Into Line Edit Mode

To add a new line, tap the + button:

The 'Edit Line' screen allows you to add the text and script that will be used to build the line. In this example we want to add payout info. So, to do that, tap the {{ variable }} button:

Any information about the tournament can be inserted into a line. In this example, we want payout info, so tap 'payouts...':

There are many types of 'payout' info, but in this case we just want to show payouts, so tap 'payouts':

In the image below, you see it added the text {{ payouts }}. Text surrounded by double brackets is script that is evaluated each time the the timer screen is rendered.

In the 'Output:' section below, you can see the results of evaluating {{ payouts }}.

For more info on scripting in the Poker Timer app, see: Scripting

When you're done editing the line, tap the 'Save' button in the top right:

And you can see the results below:

If you're done adding lines, tap the 'Done' button at the bottom of the screen: