How to Customize the Font Color

1. Tap the Paintbrush button (in the lower left of the Timer screen)

(Note, if you don't have the Paintbrush button in your Timer screen, you need to purchase the Customization feature. You can do this by tapping the Store button at the top of the main menu.)

2. Tap "Font Color"

3. Do you want to customize the font color for just this blind level, all blind levels, or all blind and break levels? Tap your answer:

4. Use the Color Picker screen to choose your color.

The Color Picker has three panes. The top pain shows the selected color:

The middle pane lets you choose the tint and saturation of the color. Move your finger left and right to change the tint of the color. Move your finger up and down to change the saturation of the color — up for a more saturated color, down for a less saturated color.

The bottom pane lets you choose how light or dark the color is. Move your finger toward the left to make the color lighter, move your finger toward the right to make the color darker. If you move to the far left edge, the color will be white. If you move to the far right edge the color will be black.

Note, if the color is white or black, moving your finger in the middle pane will have no effect. First drag towards the center of the bottom pane, then you can move your finger around the middle pane to change the tint and saturation.

Once you are happy with the color, tap the Done button.