Adding a New Line

This is a continuation of Customizing a Line's Text.

In this example we want to add a new line that just shows the big blind value.

1. To add a new line, tap the + button at the bottom of the screen:

2. We want to add a line that shows the big blind value. Since we only want the line to be shown if the current level has a big blind value, tap the {{if:...}} button that is above the keyboard:

3. Note, there's currently a bug on iPhones with iOS 9, where the menu that pops up displays so narrowly you can't read the text, to work around the bug you can rotation your phone to landscape and back and the popup should resize to the width you see below, so you can read the text.

Tap "currentLevel...":

4. Tap "bigBlind":

5. You'll notice that it inserted {{if:currentLevel.bigBlind}} into the edit box. The meaning of the strange looking text is: "only show this line if the current level has a big blind value". That's exactly what we wanted.

Next, we need to actually show the big blind value, so tap the {{variable}} button:

6. Tap "currentLevel...":

7. Tap "bigBlind":

8. You'll notice it inserted the text {{currentLevel.bigBlind}}. That's exactly what we wanted. That will be replaced with the value of the current level's big blind.

9. If we tap outside of the edit box, we can see the results of our new line. New lines are always placed at the top. The new line reads "70", which is the value of the big blind of the current blind level.

You'll also notice a lot of other lines that weren't visible before. Some have a solid background, and some a dotted background.

The lines with a solid background are lines that are shown for the current level. The lines with the dotted background are lines that are hidden for the current level.

Why are they hidden? Well, for example, you see the "Bring In 0" line? It is hidden because it's text starts with "{{if:currentLevel.bringIn}}...". So, it is hidden because the current level doesn't have a bring-in value. The rest of the hidden lines are like that. They are hidden because they have "{{if:...}}" text in them that is false for the current level.

Why did it show all the hidden lines when we added a line? It shows all the hidden line, so that if you create a line that will be hidden for the current level, you can still see the line after you create it.

You'll find out, in a second how to re-hide all the hidden lines.

10. We don't want the big blind displayed at the top, so we'll touch it, and drag it down to below the "35" (the small blind value):

11. Now, let's re-hide all the hidden lines so we can see the lines we're working with better. To do that, tap on the Gear button in the lower left corner of the screen, and then tap "Hide Hidden Lines":

12. Now that we can see the lines we care about a little better, we see that the line we added is using a smaller font that the small blind:

13. We'll use the pinch gesture to un-pinch over the "70" line to make the font larger, until it matches the size of the "35" line:

That's it, we've added a new line that shows the big blind value!

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