How To Turn On Crash Reporting

If the Poker Timer crashes, we'll do everything we can to fix the bug! If you turn on Crash Reporting, we get a stack trace of the crash that helps us figure out where the bug is, and helps us fix it.

Follow these steps to make sure Crash Reporting is turned on:

1. Open the Settings app:

2. Tap Privacy:

3. Tap "Diagnostics & Usage":

4. Turn on "Automatically Send":

5. Turn on "Share With App Developers":

5. Now, go back to the Poker Timer app and get it to crash! (A crash is where the app stops working and returns you to the home screen, without you tapping the home button).

If you get the Poker Timer app to crash, and you have crash reporting turned on so that we receive the crash report from Apple, send us an email at and we'll give you free access to any one of these in-apps: Customization, Remote Control, or Player and Table Management.

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