TIP: Add your chips BEFORE you auto-create your blinds structure, that way the blinds structure won't contain blind values that are incompatible with your chip values.

The Basics

  1. Tap "Blinds" in the main menu:

2. Tap the wand:

3. There are a lot of options to choose from. The most important ones are the expected number of players and the starting stack amount.

Tap the "?" button next to each option if you want more info about it:

4. At the bottom, below the Blind Growth Rate, you'll see the blinds structure that will be created based on your current options.

As you make changes to options, the results will be updated:

5. Tap the "?" next to "Results" and you'll see how the estimated tournament length and blinds are created:

6. You can see how the different Blind Growth Rates affect the expected tournament length and number of blind levels:

7. Once you're happy with all your options, tap "Save" the upper right corner, and you will see the resulting blinds structure that was created:

Editing Blinds

Chances are, the created blinds structure doesn't match exactly what you want. But that is easily remedied. You can delete blind levels, add additional blind levels, and edit the individual values of each blind level.

Deleting a Blind Level

  1. To delete a blind level, just swipe your finger from the right to the left on the blind level you want to delete:

2. If you swipe fast enough and far enough, it will automatically be deleted. Otherwise, a "Delete" button will appear. Tap it to delete the blind level:

Adding a Blind Level

1. Tap on the blind level you want to add the new level before or after.

Then tap "Add Before" or "Add After", depending on where you want to add the new level.

Editing the Values in a Blind Level

1. Tap on the blind level you want to edit, then tap "Edit":

2. Edit the Small Blind, Big Blind, and other settings as desired, then tap "<Blinds" in the top left to go back to the Blinds list: