Adding Players, Buy In, and Seating

Tap Players:

To add players, tap the add players button:

Type the player's name:

When you're done typing the player's name, tap Next:

The player entry field stays up so you can quickly add all the players.

Type the next player's name and tap Next:

When you are done entering players, tap anywhere outside of the Player Name popup.

You can see we have 21 players, but zero tables and zero active players. A player is not active until they have bought in to the tournament, and only active players can be seated at tables. To record the buy-in of multiple players at the same time, tap the multiple player button:

Then tap Buy-in:

Here you can select the players to do a "buy-in" for. Since we want to record a buy-in for all the players, tap the Select All button in the upper left:

Next, tap Buy-in:

If you want to change the cost of the buy-in per player, tap in the Cost field (tap the x to clear the field):

Type in the correct value, then tap Done:

You can also change the number of chips that each player will receive if you wish. When the Chips and Cost fields are correct, tap Do It!

You'll now see that we have 21 Active Players. To seat them at tables, tap the players button:

Since we want to seat all the active players, tap "Seat All Active Players":

If you want to change the maximum players per table value, tap in the field (or tap x to clear the field):

Then enter a new value and tap Done:

Note, to make sure the players are seated randomly, we first shuffle the list of player using the highly regarded Fisher-Yates Shuffle algorithm (–Yates_shuffle), then place the shuffled list of players at the tables, keeping the tables as balanced as possible.

We now have three tables of players. However, the Players screen always shows all players ordered alphabetically. To see the tables we need to switch to the Tables screen.

To view the tables, go to the main menu, then tap Tables:

We can now see each table, and the players at each table in the order they are seated.

Once you have players seated at tables, the pre-tournament break will show seating, so if you are AirPlaying your iPhone or iPad to a big screen TV, all the players can see where they should be seated, and the order they should be seated in:

You can find more info about AirPlay in Help and FAQ

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