Customizing a Line's Text

Let's say, for example, that we want the small blind and large blind values shown on separate lines. These are the steps you can take to do that.

1. Tap the line that shows the small and big blind values, and tap Edit:

2. Don't be intimidated by the strange looking text. The text in the curly braces is used to bring in values from the current state of the tournament. For example, the {{if:currentLevel.smallBlind}} text, since it starts with "if", determines whether or not the line is shown. The line will only be shown if the current level has a small blind value (which means the line won't be shown for break levels or levels that use a bring-in value instead of small and big blinds).

For details on the scripting language, see the Scripting page.

The {{currentLevel.smallBlind}} text is replaced with the value of the current level's small blind. Then you notice a "/" character, and after that the text {{currentLevel.bigBlind}}, which is replaced with the value of the current level's big blind. Resulting, as you can see in the previous screen, the line: "35 / 70".

So, if we want this line to just show the small blind value, we need to delete all the text after {{currentLevel.smallBlind}}.

3. After deleting all the text after {{currentLevel.smallBlind}}, it looks like this:

4. If we tap outside the edit box, we can see the results of our changes. Now the line just shows the small blind value: