How to Silence an Alert Event

The following Events can be connected to Alerts:

  • Level Start
  • Level 1 Minute Warning
  • Level End
  • Break Start
  • Break 1 Minute Warning
  • Break End
  • Tournament Pause
  • Tournament Resume
  • Play Timer Start
  • Play Timer End

If you want to silence an alert event, you can do the following:

Let's say, for example, you want to silence the "Level 1 Minute Warning" event. First, tap "Alerts" in the main menu, then do the following:

1. Make sure "Events" is selected at the top:

2. Tap the event you want to silence. In this example, tap "Level 1 Min."

3. Then tap "NO ALERT":

4. And in the pop-up menu tap "Select":

Now, back in the Events list you'll see that the "Level 1 Min." has "NO ALERT" assigned to it:

Repeat these steps to silence as many of the alert events as you want.

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