Creating an Audio Clip Alert

This shows how to create an audio clip alert, using one of the classic alert clips, and assigning it to the Blind Level Start event.

1. In the main menu, tap Alerts:

2. Since we want to add an alert, tap the add button:

3. Tap Audio Clip:

4. Since we want to use one of the classic built in audio clips, tap "Built-in Audio Clips":

5. Scroll down if necessary to find the clip you're looking for:

6. To hear what an alert sounds like, tap it and tap Play:

7. Once you've found the alert you're looking for, tap Select:

8. Now give your new alert a title:

9. Once you're done editing the title, tap "< Alerts" to go back to the Alerts list:

10. You'll see your new alert at the bottom of the list:

11. To assign the alert to one of the alert events, tap it, and tap "Set as Default...":

12. Tap the alert event you want to assign the alert to:

13. We tapped "blind start alert", so you can see that our new alert is now the default blind start alert:

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