How to Turn on Advanced Player Management

If the main menu looks like the image below (i.e. doesn't have a Players button), you need to purchase "Player and Table Management" before you can turn on Advanced Player Management. To purchase it (or restore a previous purchase) tap on the Store button (the shopping bag with a spade on it).

If the main menu does have a Players button, and the tournament is currently in "Basic Player Management" mode, tap the gear button to the right of Players:

(Note, the tournament is in  "Basic Player Management" mode if Total and Remaining are under Players.)

And then tap "Switch to Advanced Player Management".

(If "Switch to Advanced Player Management" isn't an option, you need to purchase "Player and Table Management". To purchase it, or restore a previous purchase, tap on the Store button.)

When a tournament is in "Advanced Player Management" mode, the main menu will show Players, Tables, Alerts, Payouts, and Log: